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We are an organization made up of skilled and dedicated individuals who collectively provide comprehensive and quality surveying services while maintaining high professional and principled standards. We feel that rural citizens and communities should be serviced by professionals who are truly interested and understand the unique needs of small communities and their citizens. i-Infotech takes great pride in doing their job efficiently.

i-Infotech approaches our projects with a "team effort." We involve all personnel necessary to complete the project in a timely manner and produce a quality product for our client. Though we may have several projects going through our office at any given time, we are geared up to handle additional projects and are equipped to begin work on your needs right away.

Type of the Survey work that we conduct:
  • Land base Survey for Telecom Network Installation & Service Provisioning
  • Digital Maps for Network Planning
  • Telecom Network Survey
  • Network Rehabilitation
  • Computerization of Outside Plant Assets (For both wired & wireless Network)
  • Rural Network Planning
  • Digital Maps for Limited Mobility (WLL) Service
  • Customized Application Development