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Solar Panel Drafting Services

i-Infotech supports the expansion of solar technologies in the global marketplace. has extensive and unique expertise in the solar technologies and photovoltaic solar installation industry. For the design and deployment of solar CAD panels on buildings, we use Google Earth 3D imagery to locate any given address or building rooftop and AutoCAD to draw the actual layout and positioning of the solar CAD panels We prepare all kinds of Solar Panel Layout drawings, right from the site plans to the mounting planes, conduit layouts, structural calculations etc... Our prototype layouts set a frame in the mind of the installer and give an idea for dotting the solar panel in the right direction as well as in proper dimensions. Further, the capacity and total energy output of a particular solar installation project can be easily determined by our designing layouts. We are able to perform on structural design calculations to identify the per square foot load a building can take. The designing solutions offered by us not only help in managing the installation requirement of clients, but also solves the problem of budget to a great extent. We are doing 100's of sites every month and are building on our understanding and experience.

Our 2D Panel drafting outputs are detailed and highly accurate (more than 99.8%). It includes:
  • Panel Design and Layout
  • Solar Panel Layout Design and Drafting
  • Component Selection Details
  • Heat Dissipation & Ventilation Requirements Details
  • Electrical Fabrication and Wiring Details
  • Complete Documentation & Schematics
  • Product Data Sheets
  • And other information as required
We work on a variety of Electrical Panel Drafting projects including:
  • Simple Panel Design Drafting
  • Custom Distribution Panel Design Drafting
  • Display Boards Design Drafting
  • Industrial Systems Electrical Panel Drafting
  • Electrical Power Cart Panel Drafting
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It becomes easier for client to manage more and more electrical engineering projects and to add value to your services through our solutions. We have the capacities to manage large volume electrical panel drafting requirements at less turnaround.


Buildings have a profound effect on the environment, which is why green building practices are so important to reduce and perhaps one day eliminate those impacts.

i-Infotech is committed to supporting clients in the AEC industry whose work practices are increase the efficiency of buildings and their use of energy ,water, and materials, and reduce building impacts on human health and the environment, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal.