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Polylining / Space Management

Polylining is a technique in AutoCAD allowing the creation of a boundary around space of a particular type which gives the facilitating the calculation of square footages.

Whether your organization requires the development of a new CAD standard, adherence to an existing standard, polylining, or conversion from PDF or DWG, we can help. Our services are custom tailored to meet your needs.

i-Infotech has extensive experience in formatting and polylining for area polylining for space management and renting/leasing purposes. Our BOMA standard polylines are used for various facilities and property management activities. These can be used with ARCHIBUS, CADPLUS or any other software used for CAFM.

i-Infotech help clients get efficient and save money and in all phases of CAFM implementation including

  • Space management
  • Telecommunications and cable management
  • Furniture and equipment management
  • Lease management and CAD to database linking
Polyninng / Space Management has the following stages
  • Polylining rooms
  • Create Space Plan
  • Conduct Space Audit and Update
  • Link to Archibus/FM
  • Assign Organizational Data
  • Assign Room Type and Category
Features Polylined
  • External Gross Area Polygon— Outside walls
  • Internal Gross Area Polygon
  • Vertical Penetrations— Stairs, Elevator shafts, Flues etc
  • Building Service Areas— Toilets, Mechanical, Closets, Voids etc
  • Primary Circulation Polygons— Lobby, Corridor, Service Hall
  • Room Area Polygons— All Rooms
  • Workstation— Each workstation and seat numberings
  • Secondary Circulation— pedestrian access to corridors, exits, main lobbies etc
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