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Evacuation / Safety Plans

i-Infotech provide professional cad drafting service to Safety Layout Contractors & Engineers. We specialize in providing Safety Plan and Emergency Evacuation Maps drafting services for Residential, Commercial, Hospital, Educational, Industrial Buildings, and Shopping Malls etc.

i-Infotech specializes in designing EMERGENCY EVACUATION PLANS utilizing the latest AutoCAD technology.

Emergency Evacuation Plans contain the following:
  • Location specific: The Emergency Evacuation Plans are rotated so that you don't have to imagine yourself upside down to know how to evacuate the building.
  • Minimal text: All Emergency Evacuation Plans show only the text that is necessary to direct the reader to safety.
  • A basic floor plan: Only that portion of the building with room/areas indicated along with basic blocks representing major furnishings and/or equipment are shown on the Emergency Evacuation Plans.
  • Emergency equipment: The location of fire extinguishers, fire alarm pull stations and first aid stations are shown. You may choose to show additional emergency equipment on your Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Emergency phone number: The emergency phone number for the facility is shown.
  • Designated assembly areas: External assembly points are listed. You may choose to show interior severe weather shelter areas.
  • House Extensions CAD drawings
  • Renovation CAD drawings
  • Refurbishments CAD drawing
  • Loft Conversion CAD drawings
  • Garage Conversion CAD drawings
  • Interior redesigning & planning / CAD drawings
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  • Kitchen renovation CAD drawings
  • Bathroom Renovations CAD drawings
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Underfloor Heating and Cooling

Our under floor heating and cooling services include:

  • Heat loss calculation
  • Heat load calculation