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3D Modeling & Services

With the use of advanced 3D technology, i-Infotech offers a convenient way to gain a perspective from different angles, which is very useful in the designing process and 3D architectural rendering. Features such as adding effects as per different lighting conditions, rendering various surface textures can add a realistic view to the project, which can help in viewing and understanding the designs. Our team also has the expertise to generate a drawing/photo hybrid by merging the 3D model using a photograph of the site, thus allowing the clients to get an idea about how the new design will incorporate with the existing ambiance. We are also proficient in creating remarkable animated fly-through, with which client can experience walking in or flying past the building, by means of simulating 3D house models.

Our team of designers is experienced in this field of technology, which equips them to create a wide range of 3D models or animation for different projects, as per client specific requirements to having a high quality rendering of the design or a complete animation to be combined with an existing video, or to be used separately.

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Our teams can also create amazing 3D modelling and animation, 2D drawings from 3D, 3D rendering and 3D animation that add life to any product or message, on CD-ROM or the Internet. Our company understands the requirements of clients, and focuses on delivering high quality results with realistic 3D details. The 3D animated logos, 3D Ad, Trade Show & Web Graphics, 3D character design & animation, 3D digital hosts, photorealistic 3D product animation, 3D architectural rendering, 3D medical & scientific animation, 3D product & process animation, 3D edutainment & 3D entertainment or any other application required by the clients, are provided by our team of designers.

We employ current 3D modelling and animation software to design and develop 3D resources for different applications. The level of proficiency of our designers is visible in the realistic and dynamic features of the result. Designed to be viewed from various perspectives, these applications can be employed for highlighting concepts and ideas that may not be visible with simple 2D perspectives.

Our skill in CAD designing, animation, and 3D technology enables us to deliver quality results, with the capability to highlight dynamic attributes of an object in its own ambiance.

We offer 3D modelling for:
  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Walkthrough/Flythrough
  • Animation
  • Modelling

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